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1/2 drachma Otto 1843 AU53 PCGS

Greek silver coin 1/2 Drachmas, King Otto, dated 1843

1/4 drachma Otto 1855 AU53 CCG

Greek silver coin 1/4 Drachma, King Otto, dated 1855.  

1000 leva Zlatni ND(1920) AU53 PMG Bulgaria

Bulgaria 1.000 Leva Zlatni (Gold) banknote, printer BWC, dated ND(1920).

2 Louis d’Or 1786-T Louis XVI AU53 NGC France

France gold coin 2 louis d'or, Louis XVI, dated 1786-T, Paris Nante.

5 lepta Kapodistrias 1830 AU53 PCGS

Greek copper coin 5 lepta, Kapodistrias, KM-2 Solid Circle, dated 1830

500 francs 1998 Bank of France AU53 PMG France

France banknote 500 francs, dated 1998, Bank of France, Signature by Bruneel - Bonnardin - Barroux, Wmk M. Curie, Printed by Bank of France.

Sovereign Victoria 1839 Shield AU53 PCGS

English gold coin 1 pound, Victoria, Shield, dated 1839.

Sovereign Victoria 1851 Shield AU53 PCGS

English gold coin 1 sovereign, Victoria, Shield, dated 1851.