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1 Ecu 35th Anniversary of the foundation of the EEC 1992 MS68 PCGS Italy

Italy gold plated copper-nickel coin (medal) 1 Ecu, 35th Anniversary of the foundation of the EEC, dated 1992.

1/2 oz Libertad 2016-Mo MS68 PCGS Mexico

Mexico silver coin 1/2 oz (half oz), Libertad, dated 2016-Mo, mint Casa de Moneda de México, Mexico, Mexico (1535-date).

10 Yuan 2017 People’s Republic Panda MS68 PCGS China

The Silver Panda is a treasured collectible for its yearly changing design. In 2016, this series changed to match the metric system. The 1 oz Silver Panda was replaced with the 30 gram Silver Panda, still containing .999 fine Silver. The Silver Pandas were first minted in 1983. The first 3 years of mintage were in proof quality condition, and had a limited mintage of 10,000 pieces for each year. No Silver Pandas were struck in 1986, but they have been minted every year since then. Each year, the design of the panda changes making them highly collectible. The only year they didn’t change design was 2002, which used the same design as 2001. The People’s Republic of China issues and guarantees the quality of each Silver Panda coin. Silver Panda coins are minted from several mints each year. Those mints include but are not limited to Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenyang. Unlike the U.S. Mint, these Chinese Mints do not incorporate mint marks to distinguish the difference between each mint. Instead, these mints are known for having minor differences in the design of the coin such as font size, bamboo length and designs of the temple in certain year’s mintages. With the annual change in design, and unique mint variations, the price of Silver Pandas has appreciated over time making them highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.

100 drachmas Revolution 1970 MS68 PCGS

Greek gold coin 100 Drachmas, Revolution 1967, dated 1970

20 drachmai Revolution 1967 (1970) MS68 NGC

Greek gold coin 20 Drachmas, Revolution 1967, dated 1970.