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1.000 drachmas 1939 Bank of Greece VF Greece

Greek banknote 1000 drachmas, issue E '1926 with red overprint (bank of Greece), on back side cancel from a branch in Corfu, date 1939, printer by ABNC.

1/2 Sovereign Victoria 1864 VF Australia

Australia gold coin 1/2 sovereign, Victoria, dated 1864, mint Sydney.

1/4 drachma Otto 1845 VF/XF

Greek silver coin 1/4 Drachma, King Otto, dated 1845.

2 drachmas George I 1911 VF+

Greek silver coin 2 drachmas, King George I, dated 1911.

2 leva Ferdinand I 1891-KB VF Bulgaria

Bulgarian silver coin 2 Leva, Ferdinand I, dated 1891-KB.

20 francs 1831-A VF Louis Philippe I France

France gold coin 20 francs, Louis Philippe I, dated 1831-A.

25 drachmai 1915 Bank of Crete VF Greece

Greek banknote 25 drachmas, Bank of Crete, dated 1915, Printer Bradbury Wilkinson.