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1 altin AH1223 an 13 1820 UNC Rumi altin Mahmud II Turkey

Turkey gold coin 1 Altin, Rumi altin Mahmud II, dated AH1223 an 13 1820 (new gold rumi issues).

1 crown 1937 George VI Australia

Australia silver coin 1 crown, George VI, dated 1937, Royal Mint Melbourne.
Issuer Australia 
King George VI (1936-1952)
Type Circulating commemorative coin
Years 1937-1938
Value 1 Crown (¼)
Currency Pound (1788-1966)
Composition Silver (.925)
Weight 28.27 g
Diameter 38.5 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape Round
Technique Milled
Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑

1 dollar 60th Anniversary Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 2013 Proof Australia

Australia silver proof coin, 1 dollar, 60th Anniversary - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, dated 2013.

1 oz Silver 2021 Kangaroo Australia BU

Silver Kangaroo bullion coins are a striking tribute to Australia’s most recognizable animal. Featuring the iconic Kangaroo, the 2021 Silver Kangaroo coin is loved by investors and collectors alike for its .9999 fine Silver content and stunning design. The Silver Kangaroo offers an unrivaled combination of quality and fascinating wildlife design, which brings this Silver bullion coin series to life.

1 pound Gamal Abdel Nasser AH1390-1970 UNC Egypt

Egypt gold coin 1 pound, Gamal Abdel Nasser, dated AH1390-1970.

1 pound National Bank of Egypt 75th Anniversary AH1393-1973 UNC Egypt

Egypt gold coin 1 pound, National Bank of Egypt 75th anniversary, dated AH1393-1973.

1/2 oz Libertad 2016-Mo MS68 PCGS Mexico

Mexico silver coin 1/2 oz (half oz), Libertad, dated 2016-Mo, mint Casa de Moneda de México, Mexico, Mexico (1535-date).

1/2 Sovereign Victoria 1864 VF Australia

Australia gold coin 1/2 sovereign, Victoria, dated 1864, mint Sydney.

1/2 sovereign Victoria 1900-S UNC Australia

Australia gold coin 1/2 sovereign, Victoria, mint Sidney, dated 1900-S.

1/4 Krugerrand 1980 MS65 PCGS South Africa

South Africa gold coin 1/4 oz Krugerrand, dated 1980 The Quarter Krugerrand, or quarter-ounce (1/4 oz) Krugerrand gold coin, is part of the extensive range of Krugerrand coins which has its beginning in 1967 and is produced by Rand Refinery together with the South African Mint. The original (one ounce gold) Krugerrand is the first modern bullion coin. Although gold Krugerrand coins have no face value, they are considered legal tender in South Africa; however, unlike bullion coins issued by other countries, their legal tender denomination - also known as face value - is not fixed and varies depending on the current price of gold, so is not inscribed on the coin.

10 cash ND(1906) MS63 BN PCGS

China copper coin 10 Cash, Kwangtung, dated ND(1906)