Bank Deposit

You can use one of the following payment methods to settle your order:

  1. Bank Deposit

Your name should be given as a reason.

  • Bank: National Bank of Greece
  • IBAN: GR8801101460000014600205406
  • Beneficiary: Kyritsis Konstantinos

For your own better and faster service, if you make a deposit, send the copy of the bank deposit by e-mail to or inform us by phone. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive a deposit slip from the bank.

  1. Payment by debit or credit card

By debiting your credit card. Payments are accepted through the secure environment of the bank.

  1. Payment upon receipt from the store

You can pick up your product from our physical store, which is located at 59 Mitropoleos in Athens.

  1. Payment via PayPal

Easily, quickly and securely through the online payment service PayPal (3,5% extra charge).

Shipping Methods

The shipping costs of the products are borne by the buyer in each case.

Shipping costs for courier amount to 7 euros for Greece and 25 euros for abroad, with the option of FedEx only for abroad with a charge of 50€. For these prices, the condition is that the total weight of the products does not exceed 100 grams. Otherwise, the company must be consulted.

Our company is not responsible for any loss of any package from the moment it is delivered to the shipping company. Anything purchased from the physical store and after it has been checked by the customer himself there is no right of return (valid for the physical store only).

In case of return of a coin or medal, it must be made within 7 days from the date of receipt and after being thoroughly checked by the company that it is the same and not something different from the condition and quality that was sent, then only a return will be made. of money (applies to the online store only).

We do not accept return of stamps and banknotes by courier except with physical presence in our store and within 10 days from the date of receipt, after immediate notification of the return (valid for the online store only).